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Maverick is our current technical analysis platform. Deployed as a secure, light footprint, web-delivered java application, Maverick embodies all the traditions of the TraderMade product line, but with the improved accessibility given by Cloud/SaaS applications.

We have fully updated and modernised the interface to retain the traditional usability of the TraderMade product range and provide you with a clean and intuitive layout to match the clarity of our charts.

Accurate analysis and decision making rely upon accurate data. Maverick, like all of our products, is powered by TraderMade's FX data, which is scrupulously maintained and subjected to a six-point checking and validation process. As a result, we are renowned for having the most accurate high frequency FX database with up to 25 years of records.  

Maverick Features ...

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Advanced Technical Analysis

The Maverick Platform boasts a comprehensive set of Technical Analysis tools, including studies, oscillators and drawing tools.

Drawing Tools:  
Maverick has a comprehensive set of drawing tools for calculating and indicating technical patterns and events.

Maverick Drawing Tools
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Studies and Oscillators:  
Maverick has a comprehensive set of Technical Studies and Oscillators with more being added as requested by customers.  These include:

Studies: the event size for all studies infinitely variable plus most can be shifted:
  • Moving Averages: Standard, weighted, Exponential, Fast Exponential
  • Bollinger Band
  • Ichimoku
  • Parabolic
  • Swing
  • Volatility Band
  • Weekly Rule (interday & intraday)

Maverick Studies and Oscillators
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Oscillators: an unlimited number of oscillators can be applied to a chart.
  • RSI: Cutler, Wilder, FX Filtered and Smooth
  • Momentum
  • Stochastic: Standard, Slow and Smooth Slow
  • Rate of Change
  • MACD: Standard and Fast
  • MA: Standard, Exponential, Fast Exponential and Weighted
  • DMI and DMI+ADXR
  • CCI
  • True Range and Wilder True Range
  • Larry Williams %R
  • On Balance Volume
  • Accumulation/Distribution
  • TMI Trend Reversal
  • Volatility
  • Marney Range and Marney Volume


Multi-Screen Support

** New for November 2011 **
Users are now able to pull desktops out of the main application and then drag them onto a different display screen as required.  This feature is particularly useful for analysts and traders who operate and monitor up to 9 screens.  These users can now position charts on specific screens alongside similar data.

Users may create as many of these floating desktops as required, and can pack them back into the main application when switching to a single screen system.

Multi-screen functionality


Multi-Asset, Multi-Provider Platform

Maverick is capable of trading a mix of asset types (Spot FX, Commodities etc) from the same platform, and can connect to multiple brokers or venues.  This means that the user can view a single, consolidated blotter covering a range of asset types and providers.  You will know what your overall position is at all times.

Paper Trading:

Maverick subscribers can test their own models and techniques using all of the trading facilities of Maverick, but without market exposure.  Resting orders may be placed, as well as strategic trades (OCO style)

FX Trading:

Coming soon: ability to place "at market" trades or place resting orders and resting dynamic orders against a wide range of major currencies and their cross rates.  Liquidity will be provided by partners who can provide retail-style brokerage accounts as well as partners who trade with Prime Brokers.

Commodities Trading:

Coming soon: ability to place "at market" trades or place resting orders and resting dynamic orders against instruments on a wide range of exchanges.  Liquidity will be provided by futures and options brokers.


Streaming News & Information

All Maverick platform licences (Maverick Charting and InterpreTA) include streaming Financial News content directly onto your desktop.

Our News content is syndicated from a number of specialist financial news providers, broadcast news providers and is further supplemented by items originated by TraderMade.

Latest News items appear in a scroll bar running across the bottom of the Maverick platform. A full archive of the days press can also be displayed and accessed from a list.

News Feeds included with a Maverick or InterpreTA subscription are:

  • Market News International FX Basic
  • BBC Financial News
  • TraderMade Market Monitor
  • InterpreTA News
  • InterpreTA Updates (InterpreTA licences only)

News Feeds available at an additional cost include:

  • Market News International FX Gold
  • Market News International FX Pro
  • Market News International FX & Commodities Pro
  • Market News International FX, CFD's & Commodities Pro

TraderMade News Feed

Custom Data Import

Mavericks flexible data import functionality allows you to import your own data sets which have been purchased, downloaded or created elsewhere.  Any type of pricing data can be imported, along with volumes (if available).  There are file format presets available for general personal-use financial sources such major search engines and news providers (e.g. Google Finance®, Yahoo Finance®, MSN® etc).

Once imported, your custom data can be used and analysed like any other data set - for example you can apply studies, look for candlestick patterns or use in overlays and baskets. Imported data is also stored locally so it is available for display and analysis whenever you log in to Maverick. 

Import your own data directly into Maverick

It is your responsibility to check for any usage restrictions for any external data source to be sure that you are entitled to (and may legally) import the data you intend to use.  In particular, care and consideration needs to be taken if you plan to publish or print your analysis.
Tradermade International Ltd offers the import service for use only with data that is legally sourced, and prohibits any other use.  We will immediately terminate the licences of users as we become aware that they are abusing IP rights, copyright or licensing relating to data.

Real-Time Pattern Recognition

Japanese Candlestick Recognition.

Using a simple yet highly flexible interface, Maverick is now able to highlight Japanese Candlestick Patterns directly on the charts of market, instrument, time frame and bar-size. 

 Patterns will be continually added during 2011, and will be prioritised according to customer requests.

User Alert Monitoring

Our advanced Alert Monitoring functionality allows you to set dynamic alerts which are monitored even after you log off the system, and will alert you of broken levels when you log back in, so that you will never miss a level being broken again.

Uniquely to Maverick, alerts can be set on trend lines and other dynamic objects which vary over time, giving you the flexibility to monitor trend changes or channel breaches as well as more traditional support and resistance levels.

Maverick Alert Monitoring
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User Baskets and Spreads

Maverick enables you to define and customise your own synthetic instruments such as spreads and arithmetic or geometric indexes (e.g. trade-weighted indices) using ratios or coefficient formulas.  

Maverick calculates these synthetic instruments on the fly and plots and updates them in real-time within standard Maverick charts.  

You can then chart, overlay, monitor and analyse these customised instruments in the same way as any other data on the platform.


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Dynamic Quotesboard

Quotesboards can be quickly and easily set-up within Maverick to allow you to monitor multiple markets in a single desktop.

Alongside the Quotesboard is an embedded chart which changes as you click between quote panels linking the chart to the active panel.  There is also a tick chart showing the last 15 minutes of tick data for the selected market.

Maverick Quotesboard

The quotesboard can contain panels for all markets and instruments displayed in Maverick, including indices and user-defined baskets.

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