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Market Monitor Service

Make Informed Trading Decisions with Confidence.

Now you can stay of current technical market events, no matter where you are.

Market Monitor acts as a separate pair of eyes, constantly scanning markets for significant technical events which are then delivered to you in real-time using a variety of delivery mechanisms to suit your work style.

Be confident that you will never miss a signal in your traded markets -our service is accurate, robust and well thought out -and is built upon more than 25 years of experience in developing technical analysis tools.

Market Monitor Services

See a sample alert here

What do we monitor ?

This is our current list of monitors, all operate in real-time:

  • Market High and Low events.
    Monitor for Weekly, Monthly, Yearly and All-time market High/Low events.  Arguably, market tops and bottoms are not significant in their own right, but they are a clear flag that something is happening in that market right now.  You should be aware of these events as they occur.  See a sample alert as posted on this website (the presentation is different in each venue) - see example here
  • Large Price Movements.
    Monitor markets and alert when the current price is a significant and uncharacterstic distance from the markets opening value - you should be aware of these events as they occur.  We monitor 3 market opening times, for Asia, UK and US trading sessions - see example here
  • Moving Average cross-over events. 
    Monitor price action moving through various moving average lines, or short and medium term moving averages crossing - often a (lagging or confirming) indicator that a market has changed its trend - example trend alert and golden/dead crosses
  • Over-bought and Over-sold events. (coming soon)
    Monitor various oscillators to identify when a market is over-bought or sold - often a (leading) indicatior that a market will change its direction.
  • Breaches of Support and Resistance Lines. (coming soon)
    We maintain a list of S&R lines for 30 markets from our acclaimed InterpreTA commentary service.  We monitor when these levels are breached and publish alerts, along with the adjustment to the levels.

We have tons of other information in our systems which we are working hard to dig out and distribute, so keep looking back.

We are continually adding markets and variations on the parameters used for the Moving Averages and Oscillators.  Don't be afraid to ask if there is something you would love  to see in the service, the chances are we can do it.

How can I access these services ?

Enough compromising! You need our information delivered in the way that best suits your working style.

You can choose to receive our Market Monitor Alerts and InterpreTA News in the following ways:

  • News feeds inside our acclaimed charting package, Maverick
  • Through this website
  • real-time SMS and e-mail messages
  • Various public and private feeds in Twitter
  • Facebook company page (limited content)
  • User-groups in Linked In (limited content and subscription-access only)
  • Selected commentary is videotaped on, and on youTube.
  • RSS feeds to readers of your choice
  • Daily e-mail alerts and digests

Please contact your Account Manager, or for more information and free-trials.

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