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** NEW October 2011 - Receive InterpreTA Updates by SMS or e-mail **

Our technical analyst team has an average of 20 years per person, working within major banking institutions or for specialist technical analysis companies.

We have human beings and computers working in tandem to bring a balanced mix of analysis and commentary in an easy-to-understand form which gives you information for you to unlock the best trading opportunities.

Each market is reviewed by one of our analysts every hour and the commentary and strategy for that market is updated if necessary, and published.  A summary of this information is then released as a news item.


How can I access these services ?

Enough compromising! You need our information delivered in the way that best suits your working style.

You can choose to receive our Market Monitor Alerts and InterpreTA News in the following ways:

  • News feeds inside our acclaimed charting package, Maverick
  • Through this website
  • real-time SMS and e-mail messages
  • Various public and private feeds in Twitter
  • Facebook company page (limited content)
  • User-groups in Linked In (limited content and subscription-access only)
  • Selected commentary is videotaped on, and on youTube.
  • RSS feeds to readers of your choice
  • Daily e-mail alerts and digests

Please contact your Account Manager, or for more information and free-trials.

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