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Legacy Products

Over the last 25 years, TraderMade Customers have enjoyed success through many evolutions of our software.

As part of our commitment to supporting our Customers and the way they work, all of our legacy applications are actively supported and maintained, but only the Maverick Platform is currently being developed and expanded.  

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TraderMade 404

TraderMade 404 is the desktop application that preceeds the Maverick, our current desktop solution.  

The 404 uses older technologies which arose during the earlier days of the internet.  While its functionality as a charting and analysis platform still compare well to modern packages, the technologies used prevent it from being integrated efficiently over the internet and this ultimately restricts its use in corporate environments.  First released in April 2004 (hence 404!) it was definitely cutting edge, exploiting the capabilities of computers to process data and providing TraderMade customers with many features not seen before in charting package.

The 404 is currently fully supported by TraderMade, but the company's R&D effort has moved to expand the current platform, Maverick, since its release in early 2009.

TraderMade404 was especially well received by the Technical Analysis community because of its superb publishing quality and functionality.

TM Web

TraderMadeWeb was the first web-enabled application developed by TraderMade.

Using the earliest of internet application technologies, it provided high quality TraderMade charting and data, but with a cut-down set of analysis tools. It was amongst the first "SaaS" or "Cloud" applications, in use long before the terms were coined. TMWeb re-used much technology from the TMTA3/TM404 lineage, and paved the way for a rapid switch to the development of the TraderMade Cube.


Excerpts from sales materials in 2003:

TraderMadeWeb uses the same high quality database as other TraderMade products and has been designed to be as flexible as possible to meet the needs of each individual user. 

TraderMadeWeb has been designed with emphasis on portability, so you can use it on any PC with an Internet connection. Wherever you log on, you can access your own personal preset charts so that analysis saved on one PC can be viewed, changed or deleted on another, whether in the office, at home or on a business trip. 

TM Cube

Introduced in 2004, TraderMade Cube represents our first modern internet application, and is essentially the intermediate step between the 404 and Maverick.

The Cube is a portable, multi-chart capable, browser-based application supporting real-time market data Quotes and Analytics, plus Technical Analysis studies and News.

This application was mainly deployed to corporates who wished to have a large number of desktop applications which required little deployment and support effort by their IT/infrastructure departments.

Excerpts from TMCube sales materials in 2005:

The Cube offers real-time market data Quotes and Analytics, plus Technical Analysis studies and News, all within a portable, browser-based application. The Cube has been designed so that each user can construct their pages exactly how they wish to view the required information. 

The Cube is an java applet which has been designed with emphasis on portability, so you can use it on any PC with an Internet connection. 

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