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Credibly differentiating your customer portal or trading platform to your average customer is becoming increasingly difficult.

As the enabling technologies which lie behind your customers trading experience become more and more uniform across the industry; the differentiations you can claim in pricing, routing and latency are becoming increasingly academic for the majority of your customer base.

In the eyes of your average revenue generating customer, differentiation of your platform is rapidly moving to the point where they interact with your services. Providing rich content and pushing information through your portal will encourage customers to stay on your portals and platforms longer, enhancing their ability to make good trades and increasing the probability of your systems capturing the execution and flow of those trades.

TraderMade White Label

With more than 25 years experience in delivering trading information to traders and analysts, TraderMade can represent a quick win for organisations wishing enrich their customers experience on their portal.

Case Study

Case Study: Bank Portal Content Integration

Customer Requirements

Our long-term customer required a complete overhaul and upgrade of its corporate ecommerce portal. 
This high-profile customer project was intended to propel the portal to the leading-edge domestic portals both in terms of content and usability.

TraderMade Engagement

TraderMade was selected as the provider of charting content because of our expertise in this area, and the customers’ confidence in our ability to join the project mid-way through execution and still deliver on time.
The project was phased and in the first phase, TraderMade were engaged to re-platform our existing charting components into technologies compatible with the customers website.   Given the extremely tight timeframes, we agreed to provide a basic chart which could be styled by the customer as the deliverable for this first phase.
The second phase was to upgrade the charting component to the level of the eMaverick portal content offering. At the same time, the customer was rebuilding the portal and our component needed to be completely redesigned to fit into a differently architected website.

Customer Benefits

The customer, based upon feedback from its corporate clients was more than happy with the end results, and saw considerable value in having attractive and richly featured charts close to their trading functionality.
The customer did not have internal resources to build an equivalent of the TraderMade component, and no other provider could have operated within the timeframe provided or for the costs charged. TraderMade’s on-going support and expert maintenance of the solution is also provided at a much lower cost than the customer could expect to provide internally or from comparable providers.


The project was complex in that TraderMade were required to work closely with the portal development team, liaising with infrastructure teams and collaborating with the GUI developers. Our Project Managers gained considerable knowledge in how projects of this scale and extent are conducted, and this knowledge internalised within TraderMade as well as being passed over to our Parent company DBFS.
Both TraderMade and the customer consider this project to have been a success; a richly functional portal has been produced with TraderMades contributions being delivered on time and within budget.

Future Opportunities

As the customer continues to support and develop its own portal, TraderMade are discussing routing some of our other content into the platform. This might include TraderMade originated commentary, video, educational tools and premium charting functionality.

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