New Maverick Release: November 2014

New Maverick Release

We are pleased to announce the release of an enhanced version of our Maverick charting application.
The release will automatically be applied when you log in on or after the date below and will provide you with the outlined enhancements and features at no extra cost (provided they are covered by your current subscription).
Our development programme is continuous and we value your feedback and suggestions .
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New features:

  • New application design: monochrome menus, buttons and customisation enhancements.
  • Instrument search box: one box now covers all asset classes.
  • Desktops list pane added: offer permanent view of your saved charts now including 'Replace' mode.
  • Quotesboard: bringing real-time data & portfolio management.
  • Overview Chart: see your chart in historical context.
  • NewsPins: Overlay News on your chart for added impact.
  • Elliott Wave Annotations: for conventional degree wave labelling.
  • Tweet Chart: send your analysis direct to Twitter.
  • Newslist pane: updated look and interface.
  • Chart Notes: add free text chart comments with show/hide mechanism.
  • Help Videos added


  • Custom toolbar re-location: allows even more buttons.
  • Overlays: interface updated and repositioned.
  • Auto-annotations tools moved their own tab.
  • Desktop group mechanism updated.
  • Application speed optimisations.
We hope that you enjoy the enhancements and we are on hand to assist with any questions or issues you may have.
The TraderMade Team