Maverick - September 2015 release

New Maverick Release

We are pleased to announce the release of an improved version of our Maverick charting application.
The release will automatically be applied when you log in on or after the date below and will provide you with the outlined enhancements and features at no extra cost (provided they are covered by your current subscription).
Our development programme is continuous and we value your feedback and suggestions .
Please feel free to leave a comment below or,

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New features:

  • Instrument favourites menu - change chart instrument in just one click
  • Enhanced publishing features - including chart watermark
  • New chart types - Point & Figure / Spline chart
  • Hi / Lo Report - an interactive historic S/R levels window from which you can annotate your chart
  • Levels Summary report - provides comprehensive multi-source levels information
  • Hurst cycles - new cycle-based tools to perform Hurst analysis
  • Lock chart - set charts as templates to prevent any further changes being saved

Release enhancements:

  • Turn your S / R lines directly into alerts
  • Consolidation of cycle tools into new Cycles tab
  • View your alerts in the larger right-hand pane and ordered around current price

We hope that you enjoy the enhancements and we are on hand to assist with any questions or issues you may have.
The TraderMade Team