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TraderMade is pleased to be associated with the following industry bodies and organisations:

The Market Technicians Association

Market Technicians Association.

The Market Technicians Association (MTA) is the premier global organization for those interested in technical analysis.

Membership includes technical analysts, portfolio managers, traders, investment advisors, market letter writers and others involved in the technical aspects of equities, futures, options, fixed income securities, currencies, international markets, derivatives, etc.  The MTA provides our membership with the best and most current technical analysis information environment in the industry.

Membership with the MTA also allows for the studying and securing of the CMT designation, the “Gold Standard” designation for market technicians.

visit the MTA online at

STA-UK Society of Technical Analysts in the UK  

The Society of Technical Analysts.

A professional network for technical analysts.

Founded originally in the late 1960’s as the ACTA (the Association of the Chart and Technical Analysts), we are the oldest such organisation in the world. ACTA changed to the Society of Technical Analysts (STA), a company limited by guarantee, in 1986.
The STA was one of the founder members of IFTA, the International Federation of Technical Analysts, with the initial meeting held at an MTA conference in Florida, USA, in May 1988.
Since the early days the STA has continued to expand and develop. We have taught thousands of professionals and non-professionals alike through our educational courses over the past two decades. The STA Diploma is a globally renowned qualification in technical analysis. All our monthly meetings are videod and are available on the member’s section of the website. The STA journal, the “Market Technician”, is known as a high quality publication.
The STA is a not-for-profit organisation which is dedicated to the promotion and understanding of technical analysis as a vital investment tool. We aim to educate the public, the investment community and our members in the theory, practice and application of technical analysis. Our commitment is to raise professional standards and ethics globally.

For further information please visit the STA website:

STA-UK Society of Technical Analysts in the UK  


TraderMade Delivery Partner.

DBFS provide specialist consulting and delivery services to the investment industry. Leveraging their business and technology expertise, DBFS can assist TraderMade customers with the development and deployment of e-commerce solutions.

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