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Brian Cartwright: Independent Trader

Interview with Brian Cartwright, 2011  

How long have you used TraderMade products?

1 Year.

How do use the product in your daily FX research?

The commentary is priceless, I read it every morning to get a feel of what the TM feels. I combine it with my own view of market sentiment.

What are the key features that you use daily?

The strategy is key.. the bread and butter. The new MNI feed is a welcomed addition also.

How do you find the reliability of the data and the application?

Very reliable, no glitches thus far.

Brian Cartwright

George Davis: RBC Capital Markets

Interview with George Davis, 2010
Technical Analyst of the Year 2010
as voted by the Technical Analyst Magazine.
RBC Capital Markets

How long have you used TraderMade products?

I have been using various TM charting products for over 8 years, with an initial focus on foreign exchange markets. Over time, my focus has evolved to include commodity and fixed income markets, all covered in a very efficient manner by the Tradermade platform.

How do use the product in your daily FX research?

The Tradermade product suite benefits my FX research in a number of ways.  First, the charting template is extremely functional and easy to use via a series of intuitive drop-down menus. Second, the charts are clearly legible, with values for trendlines, indicators and moving averages easily visible. This feature is crucial as it allows clients to link what we discuss in our technical research with the applicable charts. Finally, copying and pasting charts is an extremely easy task with their interface - which is a great time-saving advantage when reports with numerous charts are being produced on a daily basis.

What are the key features that you use daily?

I use a number of Tradermade features on a daily basis. For example, I will often examine a number of FX, commodity or interest rate charts using various time frames (eg. hourly, daily, weekly and monthly charts). In addition, my analytical framework involves the use of various moving averages and indicators in order to assess degrees of trend and valuation. Hence, the use of moving average overlays along with the examination of momentum, RSI and slow stochastic studies are key inputs in my methodology in order to determine valuation levels as well as identify any possible divergences that may be present. The bottom line is that all of these features allow me to formulate a technical opinion on a financial instrument and present that view to clients in a clear and concise graphical manner.

How do you find the reliability of the data and the application?

The reliability of the Tradermade platform has been outstanding. The delivery of timely and accurate data has always been a hallmark of the system, with few issues of note. When problems were encountered, they were quickly dealt with and resolved, ensuring that accurate charts were being produced.

Overall, the integration of a reliable platform with accurate and timely data, broad asset class coverage and a user-friendly template encompassing a wide variety of chart types and indicators makes this product a pleasure to use.

George E. Davis, CMT [bio]
RBC Capital Markets

David Hannigan: Director, Head of FX Trading

Interview with David Hannigan, 2012
Director, Head of FX Trading
 - multi-national bank.

How long have you used TraderMade products?

13 Years.

How does the application benefit your research and trading??

Allows me to technically analyse a wide range of currency pairs, looking for trends, retracements and formations, as well as using oscilators and moving averages to detect overbought / oversold conditions as well as key chart points.

What are the key features that you use daily?

The usual annotations such as Trend lines, but I am a follower of RSI, Slow Stochastics and MACD.  I also like Fibbonacci analysis .

How do you find the reliability of the data and the application?

 Over the years I have found the TM data to be highly reliable and accurate, and the application itself ever evolving and reliable.

David Hannigan [bio]
Director, Head of FX Trading

Simon Jones, Citi

Interview with Simon Jones, 2011  Citigroup Global markets

How long have you used TraderMade products?

Tradermade user for over 10years.

How do use the product in your daily FX research?

Tradermade gives a clear, concise representation of market movements. Analysis is straightforward to access and complex functionality is made easy.

How do you find the reliability of the data and the application?

Tradermade has never let me down. 404 has been reliable and clear in presentation since I started using it, on a busy market making desk, those attributes are essential.

Simon Jones [bio]


Shaun Osborne: TD Securities

Testimonial from Shaun Osborne, 2011 TD Securities

I have been a daily user of the TM system for more than 10 years and it has become an integral part of my analysis toolkit and we feature the charts provided by the system in our research regularly. 

The platform provides allows me to access all of my key charts - hourly, daily weekly - across a range of asset classes quickly to rapidly assess the pertinent technical issues at play.

I have a number of preset charts which allow me to assess the key markets I follow over multiple timeframes.  I use candlestick charts and simple moving average studies as a starting point and utilize some of the oscillator studies to assess the strength of the prevailing trend - or indeed the absence of a trend.   

Shaun Osborne [bio],
TD Securities

Cesario Mateus: University of Greenwich

Endorsement from Cesario Mateus, 2011 Greenwich University, London

This is our fifth year working with TraderMade software within our MSc Programme in Financial Management.

TraderMade's applications are easy for the students to learn and the FX data quality is second to none.

TraderMade enables the students to apply the technical analysis studies and indicators that are taught during the course and it gives them an ideal tool to complete their Trading Techniques coursework.

TraderMade adds value to our Financial Management MSc and fills a vital gap within the overall MSc Programme.

Cesario Mateus[bio],
Course Leader and Programme Leader of MSc in Financial Management
University of Greenwich

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