TraderMade International Ltd Technical Analysis and Charting software

About TraderMade

25 years of data and charting excellence

TraderMade was established by its founders in 1984 to provide real-time technical analysis solutions to the financial markets.

Today, TraderMade provides real-time market data and proprietary analytics to dealers within leading banks, corporations, financial institutions and individual traders worldwide.

Our Head Office and Development Center is located in the UK, and we have Regional Sales Offices in England, Italy and the USA.

Our philosophy is simple: 

  To develop, sell and support
innovative, cutting edge software
for the global financial markets. 
This is embodied in all that we do: 

  • Our own platform: All TraderMade software is written in-house, in the UK. This means that we control the content and timing of new product releases.
  • Focus on clean market data: Because accurate technical analysis is impossible without clean data we have always sought out the best sources of data, and then dedicated enormous effort to clean and validate each data point.  As a result, we have quality historical data, particularly FX data -which is unmatched in any competitive products.
  • Customer Support: TraderMade has established a reputation for excellence in Customer Support, and this is a major selling point for many of our Clients.  We are committed to excellence in support and our sales and support teams know every feature of all TraderMade products, as well as being trained in technical analysis to at least STA (Society of Technical Analysts) Diploma level.
  • Innovation: Always researching new technologies and functionalities, our development team can deliver new analytical tools with maximum flexibility. We were the first Company to bring TA charts to backberry devices and are constantly looking at new ways to use technology and functionality to improve the usability of our products.
  • Cutting-edge platforms: Using leading edge technology, TraderMade is considered a market leader in bringing Technical Analysis services to the market place. All TraderMade software is written in-house. TraderMade uses no third party developers, so we are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any new market or Client requirements.